Contemporary African Art Exhibition Series


“Work for me is a daily need. The space and time can be very instrumental in my creation. Beyond the spiritual journey, which is undoubtedly more than anything else feeds the creative capacity, the physics that leads us to a region or country to another, enhances the creative universe ... During travel, breaking barriers and borders, cultures and experiences collide. Facing the other one wonders who we are, hence what we come from. In our differences we must learn to take advantage.”

Cheikhou Ba graduated from the Dakar Arts Academy in 2000. In 2001, he represented Senegal in a Francophone Competition in Canada. In 2004, he received substantial exposure through a personal exhibit in the "Off Biennale" where he was rewarded a special distinction by the P. Blachère Foundation, won the Poitou-Charentes reward and was invited to stay at the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation in the United-States. In 2006, he was chosen to be part of "Dak’Art 2006" and received the Kultturikauppila Award.

Since then, he has had numerous exhibits and residences worldwide: "Contemporary Senegal" in the Dapper Museum, Sculpture Symposium in China, an exhibit in Finland and finally Switzerland where he is currently living and working.



Identity Av, Jule Ferry, Dakar, Senegal   2010
Identity Galerie Atiss, Dakar, SĂ©nĂ©gal   2009
Kulttuurikauppila. Ii, Finlande Galerie du Château, Renens, Suisse.   2007
Espace d'Art Contemporain Rur'Art, Poitou-Charentes, France   2005
Studio EbĂ©ris, Dak'Art Off, Dakar, SĂ©nĂ©gal   2004
Galerie Arte, Dakar, SĂ©nĂ©gal   2003


Galerie le Douze, Nantes, France   2010
Animal, Anima, Fondation Blachère, Centre d'art Apt, France.
All Barnsley Diversity Festival, South Yorkshire, Angleterre
Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, Pays-bas
Europ' Art O9, Genève. Suisse.
Paraplu Fabriek, Nijmegen, Pays-bas
Espace Eiffage (ex-Fougerolle), Dak'Art Off, Dakar, Sénégal
Etat des Lieux .01, Strasbourg, France   2007
China International Sculpture Symposium, Changchun, China
Sénégal Contemporain, Musée Dapper, Paris, France
Sélection à la Biennale d'Art Contemporain Africain Dak'Art 2006, Dakar, Sénégal
Création Contemporaine au Sénégal, Institut Français Léopold Sédar Senghor, Dakar, Sénégal
Beneen BĂ«t (Otra Mirada), Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Iles Canaries
De l'eau pour tous, Ottawa, Canada
L’Homme est un Mystère, Espace Lamennais, Saint Brieuc, France   2004

Multicultural 2002, Tenerife, Iles Canaries
RĂ©sidence de l’Ambassade de France, Dakar, SĂ©nĂ©gal
Espace Fougerolle, Dak’Art Off, Dakar, Sénégal
Centre Culturel Français, Dakar, Sénégal

Jeux de la Francophonie, Ottawa, Canada   2001
Un artiste, une Ĺ“uvre, une carte, Dakar, SĂ©nĂ©gal Galerie Nationale, Dakar   2000
MusĂ©e IFAN, Dakar, SĂ©nĂ©gal   1999


IFAA (International Festival of Arts in Arnhem), Arnhem, Pays-Bas   2008
Kulttuurikaupila, Ii, Finlande   2007
China International Sculpture Symposium, Changchun, Chine   2006
The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, Connecticut, Etats-Unis
Lycées Agricoles de la Région Poitou-Charentes, France
Office DĂ©partemental de DĂ©veloppement Culturel, Saint-Brieuc, France   2004


Dak'Art 2006 - LaurĂ©at du prix Kultuurikaupila, Ii, Finlande   2006
Dak'Art 2004 - Lauréat du Prix Poitou-Charentes
Mention Spéciale de la Fondation Jean-Paul Blachère
Lauréat du prix de la Fondation Josef et Anni Albers
ReprĂ©sentant du SĂ©nĂ©gal aux Jeux de la Francophonie (Sculpture)   2005