Contemporary African Art Exhibition Series


“…Understanding the dislocation experienced by many Diasporic artists has been central to my work as a professional visual artist.  My specialism is ceramics, where I feel at home, making large expressive sculpted busts that act as a visual diary of events that reflect my identity and journey as an African Diasporic man living in the United Kingdom…”

Issues of identity are crucial to understanding today’s society and more specifically to Kevin’s work as a British/Jamaican visual artist born in the United Kingdom. Like many others he experiences a great sense of displacement from living with the affects of limited and fragmented information about their culture and heritage. 

The highly emotive and powerful ceramic busts he creates are cathartic and provide a spiritual connection with his African ancestors. They explore issues of identity, displacement and de-colonization of the mind and confront an art world deeply rooted in the politics and ideals of a colonial past and challenge this existing structure through interrogation and representation. They are informed by personal experience and post graduate research at The University of Manchester.

He is a commissioned artist who has created the successful permanent sculpture ‘Captured Africans,’ the first memorial public sculpture to memorialize enslaved Africans. Kevin has also engaged in international residency programmes with IFAA (International Festival Arts Arnhem), Tolhuistuin (Funded by Fonz BKVB), to name a few. He has also had solo and group exhibitions at numerous major galleries both national and international (which were well received) and has works in public and private collections.



Strange Fruit - Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam, The Netherlands   2010
Long Journey Home - Soleil D'Afrique, Bamako, Mali, West Africa   2010
Blackfish Diaries - Contact Theatre, Manchester, UK   2008
The Distance We Have Travelled - Manchester Town Hall, Manchester, UK   2008
The Distance We Have Travelled – Urbis, Manchester, UK   2007
Green Room, Manchester, UK   2002
Edinboro Penns State University, Pennsylvania, USA   1992
Bretton Hall University College of Higher Education, West Yorkshire, UK   1986



Emptiness - Art in Red Light, De Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, Netherlands   2010
IFAA travelling exhibition De Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, Netherlands   2009
IFAA international exhibition, Africa Museum, Berg en Dal, Netherlands   2008
The Usher Gallery, Lincoln, UK   2006
Urbis, Manchester, UK   2003
Triangle (with Dorothea Smart) Installation – The Greenroom, Manchester, UK   2001
The Holden Gallery, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK   1990
The Other Story, Manchester City Art Gallery, Manchester, UK   1989
Greenwich Art Gallery, London, UK   1987
Revelations of Black, Royal Exchange, Manchester, UK   1985


Solo exhibition, Ververs Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands   2011


The Distance We Have Travelled (touring installation exhibition), Ahmed Iqubal Ullah Educational Trust, Manchester, UK   2008
Captured African, STAMP Public Art Sculpture, Lancaster, UK   2005
Story Telling Bench commission, The Lowry Centre, Salford, UK   2002
Mother and Children, Public Art Sculpture, Manchester City Council, UK   1988


Guest Artist, Tolhuis Tuin Art Centre, Amsterdam North, Amsterdam, Netherlands   2010
Guest Artist, Soleil D'Afrique Arts Centre, Bamako, Mali, West Africa.   2010
IFAA guest artists in international arts residency, Arnhem, Netherlands   2008
Sussed Words - Black Arts Alliance Residency – Manchester HMP, Manchester, UK   2002


Fonz BKVB - Tolhuistuin Public Art Sculpture   2012
Fonz BKVB - Tolhuistuin Bronze Casting Residency
Fonz BKVB - La Villa Gottfried, Senegal, West Africa   2012
Thamgidi Foundation prize for a residency in Zimbabwe   2011
Thamgidi Foundation guest artist residency – Beijing, China   2010



Emptiness -Art in Red light, De Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands   2010
Africa 53 (Collaboration with IFAA) - Cooper Gallery and The Gallery @, Barnsley, West Yorkshire, UK   2009
Trade and Empire: Remembering Slavery - Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, UK   2007
Blackfish Diaries - Contact Theatre, Manchester, UK   2007