Contemporary African Art Exhibition Series


Born 1972, Enuga, Nigeria

Uche studied sculpture at the University of port Harcourt art school in Nigeria, graduating with honors, and started taking photographs in 1996. He works closely with a network of likeminded photographers and painters working to promote photography and to improve the perception of photographers and photography in Nigeria. Lagos, just like any major City, provides a huge whirlpool of elements to explore, and in that sense Uche tries photographically to harness the strict organizational discipline beneath the visual chaos that greets any onlooker.

The work leads Uche to construct or set up performances that are captured still; the artist employ text and use of graphics on image surfaces to find a sculptural accent in his work, in the attempt to address certain issues both socially and generally.

With regards to technique, Uche’s approach is largely construction and deconstruction of the visual plane: trying to find the relationship and the workability between two and three dimensional design.

Uche is currently a director at photo. Garage, a company that provides logistics as well as offers an indigenous platform for domestic and global intellectual photography exchanges. His exhibitions have been
shown globally.

Not for Export.

The general idea of the work is quite simple. I have lined up people in a semi-constructed manner to mirror back to the audience especially Africans: HUMAN RESOURCES the most important resources they have but unfortunately most neglected. most leaders in the continent have been drawn by greed as they leech on the petroleum deposits (a very viable commodity in an energy challenged world thereby creating artificial poverty inspired by evident corruption). This makes living a big challenge for most Africans who now feel and decide to leave their countries to Europe and america in search of a better life. In turn we have global issues of illegal immigration
and labour misplacement.


Selected Exhibitions & Projects

Selected Exhibitions

“Chance Encounters” Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai India   2009
“Travesia” Centro atlantico De arte morderno Spain   2008
“16 African photographers” mOAD san francisco USA   2006
“Belief” The singapore biennale, Singapore   2006
“Unhomely”, seville biennale, Spain   2006
“Snap Judgments”- I.C.P New York   2006
“25 African photographers” - CCCB, Spain   2006
“Convergences”- Nigerian National Gallery Lagos   2005
“Autre monde”- NAWAO Kornhausforum, Switzerland   2005
“After the fact”-Berlin photography festival, Berlin, G   2005
‘African photo biennial - Bamako, Mali   2005
“Depth of field”-South London Gallery, UK   2005
“Depth of field”-Open air Gallery, Liverpool UK   2005
‘Lagos’- Ifa Galleries. Stuttgart   2004
“Transfers” - Africalia, brussels, Belgium.   2003
‘Lagos Inside’ – french Cultural Centre, Lagos   2003
‘En Direct a bamako’ – Fnac. Paris   2002
‘African photo biennial’ - Bamako, Mali   2001
‘Eleven photographers’ - Goethe Institute Lagos   2001
‘Golden Jubilee Exhibition’, NIIA, Lagos.   2001
‘Art Expo’, Elf Village, port Harcourt.   2001
‘Black & White’, mydrim Gallery, Lagos   2000
‘Aisec art Expo’ shell Club, port Harcourt   1995

Solo Exhibitions

Fire, flesh & blood “Prince Claus fund Amsterdam   2008
“Gathering” Galerie samuel Claude Paris.   2006
‘Indices’- Goethe Institute, Lagos   2004
‘Dare to Care’- Africalert, London   2003

Prizes & Awards

AFD award 2005 - African photography festival - Mali
PRINCE CLAUS aWARD 2008. amsterdam