Contemporary African Art Exhibition Series


‘I feel the need to highlight the changes we have gone through as a nation without a partisan perception. I am optimistic that the subject matter carried through in my work may not be intentionally misread, but it may cause some discomfort in sensitive circles of the society.

I have been true to myself and I do not wish to compromise or exaggerate the extent of difficulties faced by many to this day. I wish to draw attention to intellectual decisions made in the halls of financial institutions that lack the humanistic spirit.

We paid, or rather; we are still paying the price of economical bad policies implemented to sustain a political mayhem. Should we rise from this current mis-step then collectively we should be encouraged to listen to one another carefully and disagree in peace. Neither should we hold on to the expertise we have and exploit the trust of those who rely on us.’

Born in 1980 in Penhalonga, Zimbabwe, Misheck Masamvu studied art with Helen Lieros at Gallery Delta in Harare.  He then went on to study at the Kunstacademie in Munich.

Masamvu questions the continent’s current trajectory by dramatically exposing psychosocial and political realities. His bold and furious brush work have been described as ‘expressionistic’ and clearly comment on the political and social ills of Zimbabwe, but ultimately his work is reflective of universal unease.



Shame, Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe   2009
Disputed Seats, Influx Contemporary Art, Lisbon, Portugal   2009
Relay, Munich, Germany   2006
Colour of Sweat, Bonn, Germany   2006
A Naked Mind II, Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe   2003
A Naked mind I, National Galley of Zimbabwe at Bulawayo   2002



Africa 2.0 > is there a Contemporary African art? - Influx Contemporary Art, Lisbon, Portugal   2010
Roots - Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe   2010
Africa 53 - The United Kingdom   2009
Gallery 23, Amsterdam, the Netherlands   2009
Art Migration and Identity - Africa Museum, CBK, Arnhem, Netherlands   2008
Hidden Stories - Grote Kerk, Haarlem, the Netherlands   2008
Many Rivers to Cross - Cafe Gallery, London, UK   2008
"696" - National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe   2008
Hidden Stories - Haarlem, The Netherlands   2008
Art, Migration and Identity - Arnhem, The Netherlands   2008
Dak’Art Biennale, Dakar, Senegal   2006
Relay - Munich, Germany   2006
Other Dimensions - Gallery Delta, Harare   2005
Small Works -Gallery Delta, Harare   2005
New Directions in Zimbabwean Contemporary Painting -Gallery Delta   2004
Legacy - Munich, Germany   2004
Olympiad -Gallery Delta   2003
The Summer Exhibition -Gallery Delta, Harare   2002
Healthy Mind, Healthy Body - 2004 Olympics, Athens Greece   2002-4
Africa Exhibit - Munich, Germany   2001
Colours Africa - Munich, Germany   2000
Colourfields Africa,’ Gallery Delta, Harare   2000


Three month Residency Program, Thamgidi Studio Foundation, the Netherlands   2008
One month Residency Program, Thamgidi Studio foundation, The Netherlands   2007
Kunst Akademie Muchen, Germany, full KAAD scholarship recipient   2005-7


Gallery Publications Magazine no. 30, Harare, Zimbabwe
Book Cover "Writing Still", Weaver Press Publication, Harare, Zimbabwe
Colour Africa, Munich, Germany
Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Athens, Greece
Dak'Art Biennale, Senegal
Dead Grass Standing, Huissen, The Netherlands