Every child should be encouraged to dream; to imagine what the future might hold for them. To think big without constraints or limitations as only children can do is an inspiration to all of us.

Dreams do not see boundaries or barriers. They transcend race, religion, and language. They have the power to unite, inspire and potentially help create a brighter tomorrow. Maybe one day when they meet someone our children will ask ’what is your dream?’ rather than ‘where are you from?’.

Through this body of work we are exposed to a myriad of thoughts and ideas expressed with raw immediacy and imagination. Ideas loaded with ambition, originality and possibilities. Some lighthearted and fantastical, others insightful and thought provoking. And a few that cause us to pause and reflect on our current human condition. But what each of these artworks possesses is the potential and power to shape, define and encourage a young mind.

This exhibition invites us all to come on a journey of discovery, inspiration and contemplation.

All artworks and limited edition catalogues are for sale with proceeds going to support the SENSES Residential Care Home and the GIVE (Gift of Innoventures Education Foundation).