Ersilia Sarrecchia

Born 1974 in Italy | Lives and works in Qatar

Ersilia Sarrecchia is from the province of Latina, south of Rome and lives in Doha, Qatar, from the beginning of this year. She has exhibited extensively in various towns in her province and in Rome and Milan.

Earlier she has lived and worked for brief periods in places as varied as Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, Moscow, Las Vegas and London and exhibited her works in some of these cities.

Her earlier works were of an enchanting array of animals in luxuriant colors, perceived with affection and sensuality rather than from a naturalistic or critically descriptive stand point. Andrea Bellini, curator and Director of Artissima art fair in Turin, paraphrases Italo Calvino in his American Lectures and says that Sarrecchia’s pictorial practice accomplishes a shedding of weight and attempt to free painting and Nature ‘from the world’s opacity’ from an onerous and unseemly heaviness.

The art historian and critic Vincenzo Scozzarella says “Ersilia Sarrecchia can appear, at first, influenced by American (and partly Italian) Pop Art experiences. The language, the intense use of color and the repetitiveness of the chosen subjects, could lead the viewer to interpret her narrative in ‘popular’ terms….every single creation has its very own explicit personality, a very definite character, I dare say a ‘story’, that the artist continuously reviews and presents to us through this repetition… In this sense I believe Ersilia’s narration evokes the experience of Giorgio Morandi …he was capable of seeing beyond pure appearance. And it is precisely ‘beyond appearance’ that Ersilia moves and leads us with her work, a work that can be described as a slow interior journey to operate an intimate and deep search within her.”

Since living in Doha, Ersilia has made several works inspired by Arab culture. She says “the continuous presences of visual images so different from my culture have stimulated my passion for photography, creating a need to frame and picture the reality through my eyes and then reinterpret them through my paintings.”

In her work titled “Doha” the dark base that characterizes the whirling movement of her first works, progressively softens as she becomes familiar with the brilliant, but austere Arab culture.

In the series of paintings titled “East” images, photographs, letters, incisions or anagrams blend with pictorial signs, with universal symbols- the written language that belongs to all cultures.

Ersilia has traveled in the world from sunny Mediterranean image making, a sort of pictorial felicity and fullness, to her current mysterious works, not easy to be deciphered or explained and approaching the language of visual poetry.

2009 Teaching Artistic Education at the secondary school
“Scuola Media A.Volta di Latina”, Latina, ITALY
2007-08 Organized painting classes for children and adults,
Latina, ITALY Frosinone”, ITALY
2003-06 Teaching image education at primary school, ITALY
2003 Workshop of work and ceramica at the school “Demodè”, Velletri, Roma, ITALY
2003 Organized painting classes at the cultural association “Domus”, Latina, ITALY
2002 Assistant to the photographer Marcello Scopelliti, Latina, ITALY
2000 School-leaving university “Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma”, Roma, ITALY
1998 School project “the mark that live” primary school and
“Liceo Artistico”, Latina, ITALY
1993 School-leaving school of Art “Liceo Artistico”, Latina, ITALY
Solo Exhibition
2009 “CAPOVOLTO”, Mad Friuli, Latina, Italy
2008 “MAD Joyce Arte Contemporanea”, Latina, Italy
2008 “OMAGGIO AL QUARTIERE”, Latina, Italy
2008 “MOVIMENTI..”, Pitton showroom, Latina, Italy
2006 “Oasi della Costa”, Sabaudia, Italy
2006 “Laranarossa”, GALLERY, Latina, Italy
2005 “MAD Rassegna d’Arte Contemporanea”,
Latina, Italy
2005 “SERMONETA SOGNATA”, Latina, Italy
2005 “The Stables of the Kremlin, Moscow, RUSSIA
2004 Gallery La Casa del Critico, Velletri, Italy
2004 “TO BE BEINGS” Gallery ArtVeritti,
Gallery “Fiori di Zucca”, Latina, Italy
2002 “ESSERESSERI”, Agora Village, Latina, Italy
2001 “ESSERESSERI” Gallery Lidia Palumbo Scalzi,
Latina, Italy
2001 “LIBERATORI”, Gallery UpArt, Madrid, SPAIN
1996 “PERSONALE”, Gallery Pennacchi, Latina, Italy
1994 “PERSONALE”, Town hall Bassiano, Italy
Collective Exhibition
2008 “PHOTO VIRUS”, Grosseto, Italy
2006 “OLTRE FRONTIERA”, Matera, Italy
2004 2nd place “PREMIO LATINAMARE”, Latina, Italy
2004 Photograph exhibition “ASPASIA”, Latina, Italy
2004 1st place “MARIO RAZZANO”, Benevento, Italy
2003 “CONTEMPORANEA”, Casacalenda, Italy
2003 “PROGETTO CAMERUN” Teatro D’Annunzio,
Latina, Italy
2002 Gallery Arè, Rome, Italy
2002 “FOGLIANO ARTE”, Latina, Italy
2001 Gallery Lidia Palumbo Scalzi, Latina, Italy Sede
1997 Regione Lazio, Rome, Italy
1995 Accademia del Profumo, Milan, Italy
1995 “I FORI IMPERIALI”, Rome, Italy
1994 Accademy of Arts, Odessa, RUSSIA
Art installations
2004 “FOGLIANO ARTE”, Latina, Italy
2001 “EMPTITA’-PERSONE VUOTE”, Latina, Italy