Contemporary African Art Exhibition Series

Statements of Intent, a Generation Provoked is the third instalment of a four part multi-faceted exhibition series titled As It Is! It is the first ever group exhibition presenting contemporary African art in the Middle East. Over four months As It Is! showcases over 21 leading and emerging artists who articulate a progressively evolutionary break from European stereotypes about ‘contemporary African art’. The concept for the exhibitions is an artist-led ideology. It is about their narrative, their experience of being an artist and expressing their identity.

Statements of Intent, a Generation Provoked as an exhibition, will focus on a generation of contemporary artists working within Africa and in the Diaspora, at the cusp of their creative careers carving out a distinct place for their artistic ideologies and gaining international recognition as a result. 

Often dealing with issues of identity, migration and displacement and questioning their purpose as artists in the wider and fast moving 21st century world, they seek to observe and represent all realms of life including the dysfunctional nature of the world we live in.

Issues of rejection or marginalisation, both personal and societal will be raised as well as commentaries on society and humanity as reflective or deflective of their philosophical thought. 

Their musings will be at times startling honest and other times humorous, but for all artists, the art exhibited will be statements of experiences, statements of purpose, and statements on life.   Encouraging dialogue and debate, the audience will be invited to contemplate, dissect, question, and perhaps relate to the meanings implied. 

Ultimately, Statements of Intent will focus on the realities and opinions of a distinct group of artists who profess their purpose in life with illuminating and stark imagery.  Furthermore it will challenge public perceptions of ‘contemporary African’ art, thus taking it out of the clichéd ‘primitive’ box.

Featured artists:

Ayo Aina    Painter   Nigeria
Cheikhou Ba    Painter, Installation   Senegal
Kevin Dalton-Jonson    Sculptor   UK/Jamaica
Misheck Masamvu    Painter   Zimbabwe